Anyone been/going to church during the holiday?

Discussion in 'Religion, Faith and Spirituality' started by Pale Rider, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Attending a carol service used to be a regular occurrence in my family.

    None of us are regular church goers, but a sing song at Christmas was bordering on enjoyable.

    Not been for many years now.

    Have you gone/are going to church this holiday season?
  2. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    I try not to. Usual hatches, matches and despatches only for me.
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  3. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    I used to like going to midnight mass at Christmas when i was a kid. It was quite exciting to be up at that hour and the church alwaus looked nice as well. But that was many decades ago and the older i get the less i want to go near a church. Birth's marriages and deaths for me as well.
  4. classic33

    classic33 Senior Member

    Last Midnight Mass I went to, the local undertaker and staff carried me out off.

    Don't think it'd count as a "despatch" though. Not been to another as they seem to have gone out of fashion. Evensong/Evening Mass having replaced them and the Dawn Mass.
  5. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    I went to a midnight mass a couple of years ago when we had a Christmas at my sisters. It was just another Cjristmas repeat, always the same story. :whistle:
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  6. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Yep, we went to our Nine Lessons & Carols service.
    Very nice too, the Parish Church was packed and there was mulled wine and mince pies in the Church Hall afterwards.
    Being CofE we tend not to 'do' religion apart from showing our faces at Christmas and Easter along with any rites of passage during the year. Usually funerals now, sadly.
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