Are tax avoidance loopholes a pragmatic government approach to human nature?

Discussion in 'Business, Economics and Trade' started by Big Andy, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    With the recent uproar about the super rich avoiding some tax using legal but some may say immoral measures it occured to me that the loopholes may actually be a good thing.

    The super rich are generally in a position to have the freedom to live wherever they choose and the tax they have to pay could be a major factor in their choice.

    If we squeeze them too hard they will simply go elsewhere. Surely it is better to get some tax, still large amounts, from them rather than nothing?
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  2. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Squeeze too hard and the smart money decamps to friendlier fiscal climes.
    Tax take goes up where taxes are reasonable.
    Nobody but a fool pays more tax than they legally should.
  3. OP
    Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

  4. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye New Member

    tax is what you pay too less of and what i pay too much of...
  5. OP
    Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    It does seem many people are happy for others to pay more tax, less so if they have to though. Human nature I suppose.
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