Bye bye Buster.

Discussion in 'The Tearoom' started by Big Andy, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Tough day yesterday. We had to say good bye to Buster. My wife Siobhan has had Buster from being a puppy, almost 15 years. He has been part of my life foe almost 5 years. The most amazing dog ever, expressive face with the most placid temprememt of any dog I have ever met.
    Sadly time has overtaken Buster and we had to take him to the vets to let him rest.
    Heartbreaking to do and heartbreaking to see Siobhan go through such a loss.
    A big hole at the moment but we have had some smiles this morning over memories.
  2. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    I am so sorry to hear this Andy. Losing a much loved pet is heartbreaking and to have had him for such a long time, the loss must be even greater, but you can console yourselves with the fact that you gave him a good life.

    He clearly looked well taken care of and fed.
  3. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    Sorry about that Andy, one of my cats was run over just before Christmas and I was numb for days, I still look out for her when I get home and I'm sure her brother is missing her. Thinking too much about my lab who died nearly 6 years ago still upsets me.
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  4. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    I cried like a baby when my dog died. It is very upsetting when it happens.
  5. OP
    Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    He had what i call a quiet bark that he used to wake me up if the head buts didn't when he wanted to go out. About 3 am i thought i heard it so got up to let him out. Was at the door before I remembered.
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