California house of horror couple smile at each other

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by Welsh dragon, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Seems the couple who kept their 13 children in appalling conditions are feel no shame at all for what they did. They spent their time smiling at each other in court.

    I do hope the children are doing well now that they are out of that situation, but i do wonder at the long term damage that they will suffer from as a result of the treatment they received at the hands of their parents.

    I hope the punishment the parents recieve reflects the nightmare the children have been through. Lets hope their smiles will finally disappear when they are sentenced.
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    A Californian couple accused of beating, shackling, starving and imprisoning their 13 children pleaded not guilty on Friday(31st August).

    David and Louise Turpin face dozens of charges of torture, false imprisonment and abuse and could face life in prison if found guilty.

    Police raided the Turpins' home in Perris in January, after an emaciated 17-year-old girl escaped through a window and called 911.

    Officers found the girl's 12 brothers and sisters - ranging in age from 2 to 29 -trapped inside the darkened, foul-smelling house, with some even chained to beds.

    The defendants were each charged with 12 counts of torture, 12 counts of false imprisonment, seven counts of abuse of a dependant adult and eight counts of child abuse.

    Louise Turpin, 50, also faces an additional assault charge.

    David Turpin, 56, a former aeronautics engineer, was also charged with eight counts of perjury over his claims of running a private school, with his children as the students.

    The couple entered a not guilty plea to all charges and denied all allegations.

    Judge Bernard Schwartz denied a defense motion to try the perjury counts separately from the other charges.

    The trial will begin on October 5.
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