Eddie Izzard has launched a fresh bid to join Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC)

Discussion in 'Society, Culture and Politics' started by PD, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. PD

    PD Retired


    Do you think he'll be successful this time? Would you like to see him in the Labour party? Do you think he'd have much success in making the labour party more transparent and inclusive?
  2. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    If he makes all the right noises where Jeremy Corbyn is concerened, he may well succeed. Watch this space i think.
  3. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

    Baron Vlad Harkonenn Regular Member

    He would be the best PR for the Tories, ever.
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  4. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

  5. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    What point are you making here Joey?
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  6. Aitch

    Aitch Member

    Can you explain yourself, because the implication is truly disgraceful.
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  7. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    Last night there was some agreement concerning the rules and that was to temporarily adopt those of CC, today we break them and we start again it would appear.
  8. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    What point? Isn't it clear? The world has moved on since 1967 and Izzard represents a tremendous contrast to how the world was 50 years ago.

    Any implication is entirely in the mind of the viewer and they should perhaps take a long hard look at their inherent bigotry.
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  9. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    Thank you Joey. Izzard is indeed a tremendous contrast to how the world was 50 years ago, do you think that's a good thing?
  10. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    To quote Don Draper "Change is neither good or bad, it just is".
  11. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    I see.
  12. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    All success to Mr Izzard, I do hope that he is elected onto Labour's NEC.
  13. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Isn't izzard quite well-liked for his charity marathons or similar?

    It has been said young voters prevented May getting her expected large majority.

    Having Izzard on board could be a good move for the Labour Party.

    I'm a conservative with a small 'c', but I'd be happy to see Izzard supporting the Conservative Party because I think he would improve their electoral chances.
  14. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    You could argue that Izzard represents the constituency of New Labour's identity politics, the move away from defining people by their class but by the social group with which they self-identify. Corbyn appears to be very much the traditionalist type, talking a lot about class. Will Izzard sit comfortably in the type of Labour Party Corbyn and McDonnell represent?

    On the other hand, in a celebrity-obsessed culture Izzard may present a modern veneer of fashionability for what are basically re-hashed old policies.
  15. kirkdale

    kirkdale Regular Member

    I would rather see the Labour Party, mainly, using the skills of people who have direct, front line knowledge of working in the NHS, education etc. Those that have had to operate within failing services. My view is that these people will fully understand the real issues.
    I'm concerned that if celebrities, no matter how well meaning, are seen as "vote winners" it would discredit the party. Eddy Izzard, Lilly Allen etc. have the right to express their view, but despite there fame, they hold no moral right to power. Personally, if we need celebrities on the NEC, I want to see the likes of Jo Brand coming forward. Her views on the NHS would be very welcome.
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