Forget Rambo, we have "Granbo".

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    A GRAN told yesterday how she shot a masked thug with a crossbow after a machete gang burst into her home.

    Weapons fan Anji Rhys, 49, says she grabbed the bow off her wall when four yobs raided her house, mistaking it for a drugs den.

    Anji, of Dunstable, Beds, said: “One tried to grab me but I shot him in the belly. Then they ran.

    “I hit one in the belly at close range. He shouted, ‘You f***ing bitch! You shot me!”

    Police questioned her — but unlike Hither Green burglary victim Richard Osborn-Brooks she was not arrested.

    Ex-Thai boxer Anji was watching TV when the gang apparently mistook her home for a drugs den

    She said: “I heard what I thought was an explosion then I realised my door was being kicked in.

    “I ran to see and was met by a masked man with a hammer.

    “He was about 6ft 6in with a blue bandana hiding his face.

    “The gang chased me into the living room so I grabbed my crossbow from the wall. I had a tussle with a second man with a machete, a skinny man who walked with a stoop.

    “He went to grab the bow but I managed to spin and shoot him in the belly with it at close range.

    “He fell on me, cutting my hand with the machete. I remember seeing there was blood over the floor.”

    The thugs, who had pinned Anji’s son Dillon to the floor, then fled. Anji said: “I felt such rage. The audacity they would break into someone’s home.

    “I was definitely in shock afterwards. I’m on medication for PTSD. But I’ll be ready for anyone else who tries to break in.

    “I’ll always stand by my right to protect my family.”

    Police were called to the house in Dunstable, Beds, and questioned Anji.

    But they did not arrest her — unlike in the case of pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks, who was held after stabbing to death burglar Henry Vincent during a break-in at his home in Hither Green, South East London.

    Police said Anji faces no action because no victim had come forward to report an attack. They are investigating the break-in.

    Officers did confiscate her crossbow, affectionately nicknamed Manstopper, which Anji keeps to defend Dillon, 22, and her partner Rebecca McCarvel, 42.

    She added: “I practise with it in my garden. The bolt I shot him with was six inches long and disappeared into him.

    “He had to have gone somewhere for treatment. With all the blood I’m surprised police haven’t picked him up.”

    Rebecca, a waste management worker, said: “All four men were shouting, ‘Keep your f***ing heads down. Where’s the weed?’”

    Anji’s head, hand and leg were injured. She has left her call centre job as a result of the raid.

    Incredibly, Anji’s 82-year-old mum Lilian slept through the attack. The crossbow is not the only weapon Anji keeps to ward off potential intruders.

    She has a small arsenal of other weapons, each of which has a nickname — and a “bed kit” she keeps nearby at night that includes a torch and a knife.

    She used to have two dogs trained to bark if anyone set foot near her property.

    Survivalist Anji said: “We need to pay much more attention to protecting ourselves, our homes and families.”

    She fully supports Mr Osborn-Brooks, saying: “He was defending himself. What would the alternative have been? Let himself be robbed? Be killed?

    “I know I have weapons but the man I shot was carrying a weapon too.” Anji has a historic assault conviction but has never been convicted over weapons.

    Her mum Lilian, who has 27 grandchildren and 17 great- grandchildren, said: “Anji has always been ready for anything.”
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    What a terrible shame......
  3. OP

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    I notice they only took "Manstopper", they left the rest with her.
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