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  1. Adgsnooker

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    Why don't the government provide jobs for people on JSA?
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    Adgsnooker New Member

    I deleted my opinions based on responses on the same topic I posted in other locations. I found the most informative and constructive answers to the actual question were given in the locations where I didn't post my opinions, or where people discussed the question and not concentrated on my opinions. I was hoping to use the responses as an educational tool and I realised the errors of my ways by including my opinions in the topic itself.
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  3. OP

    Adgsnooker New Member

    You say answer to your initial posting but all I see is exclamation marks, was there meant to be a question in there? And I never even said I was a tory supporter, I just mentioned something bad about labor and so u pressured to know everything and went on a tirade. And I asked my question based on people I've met, not on anything said in Westminster. I just don't see why people who have been on JSA for years are still allowed to claim and are not given work by the government as they can't find their own work. But I don't even know why I'm wasting my time talking to you as all you want is someone to shout at, so go find someone else. And you still havnt answered my question so why should I answer any questions of yours??
  4. classic33

    classic33 Senior Member

    Part of the reason is to do with being taken for a ride/used as cheap labour. Labour even had such a scheme running in the 90's. Employers making up the wage, if they felt like doing so. Not many did.

    If, as someone signing on, failed to take such a job when "offered it" at the job centre, you'd be sanctioned.
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