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  1. Adgsnooker

    Adgsnooker New Member

    Why don't the government provide jobs for people on JSA?
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  2. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    With zero hours contracts, with austerity, with fascism riddling the Tory party why not just exterminate those you have little or no time!

    90% of the uk social security budget goes on paying pensioners their pension because idiots in England are that racists they cannot help themselves from destroying there own nations and families by voting Tory. . Allowing companies legally to steal there employees savings for there own pensions. Voting Tory.just how sick and how low can a human being go!
    Frustrating people who pay there taxes! Jesus Christ, you really have the silly bug!
    How about the coffee houses, who pay not a single penny in tax, or vodaphone asda, Tesco etc etc etc!
    Yes, you really are a tool, to suck up Tory propaganda, as NYE Bevin stated, if there lips move, the bastards are lying!
    Or what about the millions of pound taken daily for the past seven years from allied steel pension pot by your Tory vermin!
    Or the EU rebate, belonging to the UK nations taken by the real scrounger in the Duchy of Cornwall you one and only wife killer, Charles, Goth Saxa Coborg.
    The thieving of the NHS..., and you still suck it up!
    Fool, national insurance....the word insurance I.e, the pay for there own insurance so if they are ill, unemployed, they get there own money back, no one give them anything, it's bloody insurance!

    Ooh, but according to the UN, in every report, states, your stupidity in voting for Tory austerity, is making rich people richer! And men women and children, starve, hope you and your fellow bigots, can get some satisfaction seeing your own nation starve! But this behaviour, seeing the destruction makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.
    If your so immoral, and demand it for your nation, just remember, why we in Scotland are sick of your bias, thoughtlessness and wanton greed.
  3. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    Why did you delete your original post?

    If your beliefs were a true reflection of how your see the fascists in your English Tory government, or have you woken up?

    I firmly believe everyone has the democratic right to hold dear there beliefs. But harmony isn't created or served by neutered government or BBC propaganda and educational ignorance.
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  4. OP

    Adgsnooker New Member

    I deleted my opinions based on responses on the same topic I posted in other locations. I found the most informative and constructive answers to the actual question were given in the locations where I didn't post my opinions, or where people discussed the question and not concentrated on my opinions. I was hoping to use the responses as an educational tool and I realised the errors of my ways by including my opinions in the topic itself.
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  5. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    The "truth" is proof positive of rights, of civil society, of aspirations of humanity..... hiding your initial post, or my reply to it shows a lack of integrity.

    You mention "my opinions" twice..... if they are your opinions, answer to my initial posting. Defend your assumptions..... because I can..... while I don't pretend to be all knowing... I can through education, and reading expose puerile Westminster lies and deceit you are regurgitating as fact. Your nation is starving your own nation....and you lot vote for more of the same! By default, so is mine...yet we haven't lost our sense of common decency.
  6. OP

    Adgsnooker New Member

    You say answer to your initial posting but all I see is exclamation marks, was there meant to be a question in there? And I never even said I was a tory supporter, I just mentioned something bad about labor and so u pressured to know everything and went on a tirade. And I asked my question based on people I've met, not on anything said in Westminster. I just don't see why people who have been on JSA for years are still allowed to claim and are not given work by the government as they can't find their own work. But I don't even know why I'm wasting my time talking to you as all you want is someone to shout at, so go find someone else. And you still havnt answered my question so why should I answer any questions of yours??
  7. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    Stop looking at the exclamation marks, read the words!
    Your deleted posting which was a fascist political statement, Tory, in fact.
    I explained where I differ from you, as I understand the facts of the matter, you spoke with emotional drivel, no bearing to any of the facts. But your lack in of integrity in deleting your post an example of your shame...perhaps!
    The poverty that people are experiencing was initiated by tories getting into power and by idiots allowing them to steal national assets. The nationalised industries, such as the railways gave people poorly paid jobs, keeping people off social security payments and allowing them to keep there pride. I notice you don't mention any of the pertinate facts, such as the NHS for example or the various oil industries gas or bt sold off which made profits to the nation! Which now goes into there thieving pockets.
    The thieving vermin, stole every asset, so now, when idiots claim, people are unemployed, and claiming, I point out the stupidity of there argument.i
    If you don't want a reply, do not make silly comments and post them! Then hid behind the deletion of your initial post! It's dishonourable and a typical of weak minded exponents of the class system or the caste system.
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  8. classic33

    classic33 Senior Member

    Part of the reason is to do with being taken for a ride/used as cheap labour. Labour even had such a scheme running in the 90's. Employers making up the wage, if they felt like doing so. Not many did.

    If, as someone signing on, failed to take such a job when "offered it" at the job centre, you'd be sanctioned.
  9. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    And you regurgitate the same nonsense given to the respective nations to undermine the rights of humanty for your own ends.
    Aye...... just you stay on your knees and look for the crumbs.

    What about the illegal Iraq war?
    The billions this cost these nations, or the million and a half murdered civilians!

    To allow these vermin to starve your and my nations!

    Or our troops following order, to be placed in danger in Syria, illegally, and idiots say nothing!
    It's our job to protect our troops, as we don't follow orders.

    The stealing of assets, the destruction of the NHS.... you say not a word!

    The placing of our troops in Ukraine, to instigate more war! When they do manage to start this next war, I hope you and the rest of your family volunteer to go, this is called natural selection, do the rest of these nations a power of good!
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  10. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

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