Laptop batteries - replace or repair ?

Discussion in 'The Tearoom' started by pubrunner, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Hi All,

    I've an elderly laptop which has a slowly dying battery; I was just wondering, has anyone here ever repaired a laptop battery ?

    This link suggests that it is possible, by replacing the 18650 lithium batteries inside the laptop battery unit :

    I'm willing to consider such a repair, 'cos buying a good laptop battery is something of a minefield.

    A Cautionary Tale

    I purchased a laptop battery on Ebay from what was advertised as a 'UK - based Site' - with 'stock held' in the UK and anticipated delivery time of just two days. Sadly, it was none of these things; after about a fortnight, a battery arrived from China - but not the correct one for my laptop.

    I complained to Ebay and tried to get a refund from PayPal. PayPal told me that I'd get a refund . . . . . . . but only after I'd returned the battery to China - by registered mail. However, I couldn't return the battery to China, 'cos batteries are restricted items and cannot be sent out of the country. I explained all this (to no avail) to both Ebay & PayPal, but they simply weren't interested. So if you ever find yourself having to buy a replacement battery for your laptop, be very careful where you get it from; if it comes from China, you will have a dud on your hands.
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