Nissan not telling the truth?

Discussion in 'Motoring and Transport' started by Welsh dragon, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    It seems that Nissan have been telling buyers of their Nissan Leaf electric car some untruths about the potential mileage of their cars and the time it takes to charge them.

    Nissan have made big and (unrealistic) claims about both. I do think that electric cars and other hybrid cars are the way to go, but if they keep telling lies sales will take a nosedive as consumers won't believe a word manufacturers say.

    Would you buy an electric car? Would you trust the spiel that the car makers make? Personally i won't be buying one anytime soon simply because manufacturers cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
  2. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Sadly im not sure its anything new with car manufactuers. Leaving aside the VW scandal manufacturers mpg figures have always been somewhat "optimistic".
  3. classic33

    classic33 Senior Member

    Seldom willing to trust the claims they make with regards fuel consumption. Used to either test track, dyno or long distance driving on non-standard roads. The everyday stop start driving uses more, which is what a lot of people actually do.

    Toyota were taken to to court, and lost, by an Irish car dealer over their pricing of Lexus spares. Both the same company, just different names. Lexus being the more upmarket cars, parts cost more. Despite them being shipped in the same boxes.
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