Palm Oil

Discussion in 'Environment and Science' started by classic33, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Used in everything from shampoos and soaps, to pizzas and biscuits.

    Iceland have become the first UK supermarket to ban it from all their own branded produce.

    Iceland managing director Richard Walker said there was "no such thing" as properly sustainable palm oil.

    "Certified sustainable palm oil does not currently limit deforestation and it does not currently limit the growth of palm oil plantations," he told the BBC. "So until such a time as there is genuinely sustainable palm oil that contains zero deforestation, we are saying no to palm oil."

    It's use makes the products its used in cheaper for the consumer, but at cost to the areas, and the wildlife in those areas, in which the plants are grown for the final product.

    Should the end consumer come first, or the people who are growing and producing the oil?
  2. Welsh dragon

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    I was delighted to see the news story about this yesterday. It is about time people stopped using this stuff. Certain people will say it will be hard to find suitable substitutes, but this stuff has only been used for the last 20 years. What on earth did we use before palm oil? Hint, go back to using better more environmentally friendly ingredients.

    Well done Iceland for showing others up. I hope other producers start doing the same thing. Great swathes of palm oil trees have ruined so much of the rainforest for what? So that people can slap moisturiser and the like on their faces as well as other things? I hope others follow Icelands lead.
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