Putins Lies...and the manipulation of the media.

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by tyreon, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. tyreon

    tyreon Member

    Was told Lincolnshire Reds were better spuds than Jersey Royals. LIES. Complete fabrication.

    Was told I need to lube my bicycle chain. LIES. Not after I've already lubed it, I don't.

    I was told Matt Baker of BBC fame was on £500k pa. LIES. He's on £498,845.45 pa.

    Stop it Mr Putin. I only voted the way I did because of your influence.

    Not too sure what other subliminal messages this beast has sent to influence our folk. And now we have the cold weather!
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  2. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    How can we know that you're not a Russian bot?
  3. OP

    tyreon Member

    I get increasingly confused over who's working for who,and for what.

    Watched QT last week to see Emily Thornberry say in all seriousness that the planes were going to stop flying to-from the UK unless there was an agreed Brexit deal. Really? Short term memory loss disables a complete recall of the great and the good saying what catastrophes were going to happen immediately if the country chose the Leave option: I think we had the full panoply of generals and admirals predicting imminent war breaking out,complete melt down in the banking industry and stock exchange prices meltdown,a housing crises,mass unemployment. Sheesh...chuckletown. Some things do seem hard to swallow. Can anyone here recall how all the generals and admirals and bankers in all their regalia were called upon to support DC. Wottashow! (Or,wottashower!) They even roped in old Obama. Pleeeeeeeeeease.

    At the moment my tired humour is tickled by the extraordinary faces of Anna Soubry: just luvin the seriousness face(sorry Monkman,your faces are official,and I still love you) You get the lot with AS: shocked,outraged,pained,perplexed,contemplative....no need for those adaptive learning non-verbal interpretive cue-charts.

    As I speak with feet of clay,I just hold my head in my hands...and just rock back and forth.....one way,then the other.

    Laugh...or cry
  4. OP

    tyreon Member

    Seriously thinking about going over to RT for unbiased reporting. The 'well balanced' BBC news proffered me just upsets me tum.

    I guess it's not what's reported that I'm thinking about.

    Or the news that I do find interesting reported at 3.15am for 20secs that's worrying.

    Still upset about those grand sums offered our newsreaders(nice work if you can get it lads...and lasses)

    As a PS and OT: Why can't we have Dutch Auctions for jobs over £150k in GB? Everyone else's pay is in decline. Why not our Masters?
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