Sexist or realistic?

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by Pale Rider, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I see Pinarello has come under attack from some quarters for the marketing of their new ebike.

    The bike means lady riders can 'follow easily the men's pace', says the blurb.

    Cue lots of moaning about casual sexism on social media.

    Another advert for the bike features a 55-year-old bloke who says he uses it to keep pace with younger mates on Sunday rides.

    Cue lots of moaning about ageism on social media.

    I can't see much of a problem, male cyclists are generally stronger than women.

    There are two CC forum members who bought ebikes for the reason the ad mentions - so the wife could keep up on rides and do longer ones.

    My brother and sister-in-law got an ebike for her for the same reason.

    Would those three 'ordinary' couples moan at the Pinarello advert?

    Not that we may ever know precisely what it said because the company has caved in and pulled it.
  2. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Probably a mixture of sexist and realistic.
    Definitely naive in the current age though.
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  3. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    So Pinarello sell bikes that make slower riders faster?

    The advertising works then and if it gets into media channels that weren't open to it before, even more people will see it and those people who like to get offended will get offended and tell everybody exactly what they're offended by and more people will see that Pinarello sell bikes that make slower riders faster.
  4. OP
    Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm not a believer in conspiracy theories, but there's no doubt Pinarello has received more attention than money could buy for their new ebike because of the adverts.

    Is there a downside for them?

    I doubt it, I can't imagine any cyclist looking at a Pinarello push bike and thinking: "I was going to buy one, but I'm not now because of their sexist adverts."
  5. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Member

    The advert is modelled by a healthy and fit looking woman who they say is 24. Therefore the only reason she wouldn't be able to keep up would be that she is female which, unless her boyfriend is an elite athlete, is a load of rubbish. If the company wants to market their ebikes at the "ordinary" couples you mention, why would they not illustrate it with an ordinary woman/couple.
    Yes, it's sexist and no, I would not buy one.
  6. OP
    Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I suppose it's the nature of the advertising beast that women - and men - are usually in their 20s.

    If there was a pic of someone on the packet of the tights you are going to pull on tomorrow morining it would have been of a shapely, youthful, leg.

    Equally, my stylish supermarket slacks would have had a pic of a trim bloke in his 20s on the label.

    Same for cosmetics, the lass putting on the anti-aging creme clearly doesn't need it, and stuff I buy like razors are always advertised by hunky youngish blokes.

    On t'other hand, the car makers have largely moved on from draping semi-naked women over the bonnets of their cars.

    I've never thought much about pics in bike advertising, but if someone is riding the bike they usually look young, irrespective of gender.
  7. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    What is it that they say "no publicity is bad publicity". They seem to think if they partonise both men and women then the one cancels out the other. Personally i would rather they just advertise the dam bike on it's merits amd nothing else.
  8. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    Realistic. It appeals because of our base nature. Our built-in sexual attraction. It's why you don't see women in their 50's on ads. They're old, and motherly, compared to the sexy young teen models they drape over things or have holding products seductively towards the camera.

    It is the same for men too, although there does appear to be some allure to older men in certain product ads. Mature, stable, capable, strong, successful?
  9. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Member

    Missing the point. Who is your target market? Cosmetics, clothes etc use young attractive models because the products are appearance based and aspirational.
    Cars drape semi naked women over them because their target market is men. Women are objects - buy this object and you can attract that object.
    As for ebikes, Emma, healthy and 24 is not the target market and by using that model you are saying that the ONLY reason a woman needs an ebike is because she is a woman. Sexist.
    If you want to market to the female half of your target market (which is middle aged and older) why not show an attractive middle aged woman - yes, we do exist - using her ebike to keep up with her teenage children or with her friends.
    Middle aged and older women are not stupid.
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  10. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Pinarello should have a word with their advertising agency. Needless controversy doesn't shift bikes and there's no point in upsetting potential customers.
    Old shop keeper's saying..
    "You won that argument with the customer.. and thereby lost the sale."
  11. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    I don't know. I would guess because it won't sell them? Marketing agencies know how all this works and if they thought it would sell they would do it. They do their research and know what triggers people into responding.

    It would be interesting to see one of them try though. See what happens. See if women are more motivated by seeing women of a similar age using the product. After all, it seems to work with expensive face cream.
  12. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Member

    The marketing agency employed by Pinarello have got this badly wrong. This is why the advert has been withdrawn. I will repeat - middle aged and older women are not stupid.
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  13. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    Sorry. I did not mean you were stupid. I was thinking that the agencies should test their ads as you suggested. They may find it works better.
  14. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Member

    Compare the two adverts. The one aimed at the male half of the ebike target market is an attractive man who, I suspect, does not look like most male ebike riders either. He is, however, age appropriate. The only reason he needs an ebike is that he is too busy (and therefore by implication, successful) to train. This is aspirational.
    The only reason the woman needs an ebike is that she is a woman.
    Try swapping the genders over in the adverts. Which looks more ridiculous.
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  15. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    I have not seen the advert. Can it not be a successful woman too?

    I remember a Nike advert. It was so female that I felt out of place watching it. She was not an object. She was just a woman. Running. Sweating. Normal. It was very simple. Effective. Not sexy.

    What is worse is changing bodies and faces. Photoshop them. Make them seem better, but not real. Young women should not live up to those images.
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