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Should capital punishment be reintroduced in the UK?

Discussion in 'Law, Order and Defence' started by DarkMist, Dec 4, 2017.


Should capital punishment be reintroduced in the UK?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    Reintroduction of the death penalty has been widely debated. Would it help with prison overcrowding? Would it deter criminals? What if someone is later proved innocent? Are you for or against?
  2. IIP

    IIP Guest

    countries with the death penalty still have crime, and kill innocent people, I can think of 10 people minimum who would have been murdered if the death penalty had been still allowed here.
  3. IIP

    IIP Guest

    to even consider it as a viable option to reducing the prison population we'd have to widen what constitutes a capital crime.
  4. Big Andy

    Big Andy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A real difficult one this. Some criminals are just so evil it can be hard to justify keeping them alive.
    However the spectre of wrongful conviction has to be considered too.

    Wouldnt help with Prison overcrowding at all.
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  5. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    I thin it was the hangman Albert Pierrepoint who wrote that every man hanged knew the penalty but still did the crime.

    Puts the deterrence point into perspective. And that's before wrongful convictions which would have been well into double figures for high profile Irish cases alone.
  6. Big Andy

    Big Andy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I certianly dont believe there is any deterrent effect as Im not sure many criminals think they will be caught.
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  7. Roger_the_Lodger

    Roger_the_Lodger Regular Member

    But think of the cost saving of those that do
  8. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    Kill 'em all, we'd save a fortune.
  9. IIP

    IIP Guest

    the cost would be minimal as prisons don't have that many who would be facing a death sentence.
  10. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Executed felons tend not to re-offend.
  11. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    Executed innocents never have a chance to offend in the first place, win win.
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  12. IIP

    IIP Guest

    nor will the innocent be able to do anything else, do people never tire of ignoring the obvious.
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  13. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

    Baron Vlad Harkonenn Regular Member

    If you were an innocent, I don't know what would be worse, being killed by the state or being locked up for life by the state having every day to think about the injustice you are suffering.

    But as we all know, life does not mean life when it comes to prison, unless you are a proper nutter, in which case the possibility of execution wouldn't matter.

    This is an extremely difficult and emotive subject. The answer has to be yes, but only in the most extreme and undoutable cases.
  14. IIP

    IIP Guest

    the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 to name 10 were undoutable cases.
  15. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

    Baron Vlad Harkonenn Regular Member

    I agree and that is why this is so difficult.

    How about;

    Peter Sutcliff
    Ian Huntley
    The Lee Rigby killers