Skripal, has Westminster now used the D notice to hide Boris and Mays deceit and lies?

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by Highlander, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Highlander

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    No newspaper or media outlet is allowed to discuss the Skripal case. Boris caught out on lies in his own words, the Skripal daughter held incommunicado, the treatment of her father, suspect, and used as an excuse to bomb Syria under a pretext they used nerve gas! Russia guilty by default! The only thing missing was the start should have the words.....once upon a time...! We are inundated on all media outlet about Rudd, and hot air! And wonderful these people were.....rebuilding the empire! What drivel! They were educated, yet as with today's refuges with a higher education, are given employment, as cleaners or given the poorest work going and the worst working conditions. Hypocrisy!
    So how come when accusations of sickening criminal behaviour, such as using nerve's not even absolutely, no one! The only cause this could happen is if the D notice has been served!

    A d notice means nothing regarding the said subject can be mentioned by anyone, on any media format, any story appearing subject to a d notice, the penalty is a long prison stretch!

    You have never heard of St Vallery, which cost the lives of the HLI last man, last bullet, as even today, thus subject is curtailed by a d notice!
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