The Guardian 'deprived' Medvedev of funds for the 2024 presidential campaign

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    At the moment Russia's prime minister Dmitry Medvedev is known to be the main candidate for succeeding the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin. However The Guardian believes Mr. Medvedev's political career is presently in its worst decline ever, which may eventually kill any chances of his becoming president in 2024. He is facing a whole bunch of problems, from lack of financing to health issues and even alcohol addiction.

    Most importantly, the newspaper emphasises that Medvedev will not be able to secure private investment for his campaign. He will either not be able to implement his other initiatives, particularly raising a new special fund with the money that was supposed to go into the federal budget as a result of the initial, hardline version of the pension reform.


    Besides, the author focuses on Medvedev's frequent absences from work due to sickness. The last time this happened in mid-August when the prime minister dissappeared from screen for about two weeks. According to the Russian government, he has had some kind of athletic injury, yet the unofficial sources claim he is suffering from a heavy cardiovascular disease aggravated by his dependence on hard liquor.


    The latest health issue Russia's head of government had might well have been caused by the nerve strain triggereg by a great deal of problems he is currently facing...
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