There will be no brexit deal.

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by Highlander, Mar 13, 2019.

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    May and for the last time has asked MPs to vote for her dead rat, lying in the Palace of Westminster.
    Again, the rat, otherwise known as the brexit deal has been kicked into touch by a majority of 149 votes.
    Have any of you the notion why?
    The English who acting again like lemmings or Turkeys voting for Christmas have reacted exactly how the bankers, T. may being one of them, wanted.
    The English people lose in every way possible, destroying the very fabric of what's left of your manhood and nationhood!
    Since you lot embarked on this saving of the heroin trade, which is exactly what you have done, by your parochial self centred and inconsiderate self importance and indulgence.
    Before yon idiot says anything, look at the following.
    Since USA and U.K. Forces entered Afghanistan, illegally, to assist the northern league, the production of heroin has increase from 2% of the worlds supply, under the taliban, to an over production of 126% of the worlds supply under the afore mentioned nations military, in Afghanistan, only!
    In the nations of Wales and England, the decrease of 22,000 police men and women, under the tories , has only helped those vermin at the edges of society to sell year on year, the over production of heroin by U.K. And USA militaries to your families, and neighbours.
    With the destruction of your nations being the end result.
    Brexit is only for the bankers, the laws, the E.U. Banking laws which come into force, in March and April, allow auditors to look at historical, present day, and future banking transactions, no longer will British banks be able to launder to the heroin trade, a trade which the English aristocracy have owned for hundreds of years!
    Auditors, in France, Germany or Australia can and will be able to look at and interrogate how previously accounting practices and accounts were manipulated to hide both originators and recipients of proven heroin trade, transactions.
    Many MPs, financiers, and landed gentry,s anal glands left twitching if brexit doesn't happen.
    May, the banker, the traitor to the English nation, has a dead rat, she wants the English nation to many of you still are daft enough not to ask the questions pertinate to the subject, and how many still accept the bankers draft! The poison chalice!
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