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    I re-read t'other day how Buddhism was re-vitilised and made good in Sri Lanka(then Ceylon)by Theosophists. Then, it had been 'corrupted' by a variety of Hindu beliefs and so on. I guess as a tolerant philosophy, a sort of a non evangelistic 'religion',it had sat back and practised non confrontation. Still, it's inherent core beliefs and practices made it susceptible to take-over by intellectual corruption and other more pro-active belief systems and persons.
    Fast forward to today. How can a non-violent belief system survive a sort of cultural invasion by another assertive 'religion' except by going against itself: getting intolerant itself? Thus did I read of one religion in the Middle East that was so welcoming to other faiths and believers that it became extinct.
    Skipping along a bit...( I'm getting nervous folks!)...why do I feel more nervous of the likes of our newly arrived liberal elite who can't seem to connect or tolerate with other people's fears but call such people intolerant. They also know what's best for me. I'm getting confused.

    The Hindus are getting upset in India.

    The Buddhists are getting upset in Myanmar.

    'En general' they seemed pretty relaxed religions.( I know they had flaws.)

    Now we're getting upset...aren't we?
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    your first mistake was thinking or believing that Buddhism was a non confrontational, non violent religion-sect-belief system.
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  3. OP

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    Irish: I am always ready to be corrected. I may be wrong.

    From what I have read(yes,could be propaganda) the belief system and practices of its adherents arose from a number of ascetics who took it upon themselves to reflect upon their own and other sentient beings existence. They seemed to be fairly nomadic,half dressed, mostly vegetarian or strict vegetarian sanyasins. Oddballs!? They seemed to have renounced fame,money,sex...all the stuff we seem to have fight over,
    I think(can always be wrong again),they kept themselves to themselves and walked away from confrontation. Of course,when it became established,well....some may have wanted to protect their beliefs,practices...which brings trouble.
    By Darwinian evolutionary thinking Buddhism should never have got off the ground, and which thinking would not conflict with its understanding of being. Maybe,truly practised,it should self combust.
    They had some interesting thinking back in the old(e) days. I believe the Greeks were traipsing around there(India),picking up various ideas and wot-not. 2500 BCE No bikes or trains or planes then.
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    Makes sense to me.

    Like bees they live in perfect harmony with their environment but when attacked will defend themsleves, and their environment, to the point of paying the ultimate price. I love bees.
  6. IIP

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    actually they are more like killer bees and will seek targets to attack, honey bees they are not.
  7. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

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    An invasive species generally needs to be checked.

    Mr and Mrs Miggins have a show garden, pretty and beautiful with carefully chosen plantng that gives a glorious show of colour all year round. Bit of bindweed comes along and they will kill it pronto because it will quickly strangle the gentler and nicer plants if they don't.
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    Wow, metaphor city in this thread.
    Anyone in particular in mind Baron?
  9. I'm saying nothing other than pointing out your determined dehumanisation. What a lovely forum you're making this to be.
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    Check out Tibetan Buddhism.
    Those Tibetan sects fight, between themselves; like rats in a sack.
    Goes back to different valleys in Tibet having varying 'Buddhisms ' due to geographical isolation.
    The Kadampa sect would off the Dalia Lama tomorrow; given half a chance.
    They detest the dude.
    All religions wage, or have waged; wars.
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    Sounds like a good lead in for a music hall number.
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