UK terrorists to be banned from returning to the UK?

Discussion in 'Law, Order and Defence' started by Welsh dragon, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    In the daily telegraph today the defense secretary Gavin Williams says that uk terrorists should never be allowed to return to the UK.

    He stated that those intent on destruction and death were being hunted down, meaning they were being elimnated. He stated that " a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain".

    The law watchdog however said that young and naive jihadis should be reintigrated into British society rather than prosecuted.

    Is this possible? Is that what the majority of the general public would want?

    Personally i think that they should be prosecuted fully and made to pay for their crimes against innocent people. And i do not have an issue with authorities tracking down British jihadis and dealing with them in a way that might stop them from returning to the UK and carrying out attacks on innocent people here in our towns and cities.

    Does anyone think there will be an outcry about the admission that they are being hunted down?
  2. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    They should be allowed back and treated according to nature of their actual crimes. That might mean anything from life down to a short sentence and 'de-radicalisation' for young/naive. Extra judicial executions, which is what Williams is talking about here, are abhorrent.
  3. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    It appears Williams is talking about British jihadis fighting in the likes of Syria.

    So it's really more of a war situation than something for the judiciary.

    Williams predecessor as defence secretary 'wandering hands' Fallon said the fighters couldn't complain if they were on the wrong end of a British or American missile.

    Defence secretaries are obliged to back our boys, so I don't think the comments of either man are very startling.
  4. Nazz

    Nazz Member

    They should not be allowed back into the UK, unfortunately I don't believe it's possible as that would make them stateless.
  5. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    Of course they should be allowed back.

    Then we shoot the daffodils and send their families a bill for the bullet.
  6. OP
    Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    The headline was done to make people bite of course. But if they are British, with british passports, then they would have to have them back, but they should be prosecuted to the fullest in my opinion, certainly not welcomed back and re-integrated.
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  7. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I would shed no tears if some of them do find themselves on the 'wrong end of a missile' over there.

    But if they do make it through, the only option is to have them back and deal with them via our criminal justice system.
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  8. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    If they're killed on 'active service' I've no issue. I do have an issue when they're bombed in their beds along with their children which seemed to be fate of Sally Jones, the so called White Widow
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  9. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    Fly with crows etc.
  10. IIP

    IIP Guest

    they are children, thats a piss poor attitude.
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  11. Joey Shabadoo

    Joey Shabadoo Regular Member

    She took an 8 year old child 3000 miles into a war zone. That child then participated in the execution of prisoners. She is culpable in his death.

    She allegedly recruited and trained female suicide bombers who targeted and killed countless civilians and children.

    But no-one knows if either or both are living or dead. Fewer care I suspect.
  12. IIP

    IIP Guest

    she took.............child made to participate...............yes she is cupable .....but none of that excuses your fly with crows comment concerning the children killed.
  13. TheBand

    TheBand Member

    Kill a known recruiter of terrorists, someone who glories in the death and destruction of hundreds of innocent civilian lives and who trains people to do just that, or not kill her because her child may be with her?

    Kill her. If the child was there that is very unfortunate and tragic, but she started the ball rolling. If he wasn't with her, does anyone actually believe that IS would hesitate to kill him and put him there to show how evil the West are?
  14. IIP

    IIP Guest

    And people wonder where the terrorist mindset comes from when people condone and recommend the killing of their children as collateral damage.
  15. pubrunner

    pubrunner Active Member

    If they are to be put on trial for crimes they've committed, should that be in the UK, or in the country where they've actually been carried carried out ?
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