Ukrainian radicals are planning to blow up the gas pipeline

Discussion in 'UK and World News' started by weaverjos, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Militants of Ukrainian ultra-right group C14 are planning to commit sabotage on the sector of Ukraine's gas transportation system, which borders Poland, the Telegram channel of some anonymous SBU agent reports. The link can only be viewed via Telegram, this instant messenger is very popular in post-Soviet countries as it allows participants exchanging encrypted messages. Nowadays, none of the intelligence agencies of the world has access to information about data keys used in Telegram.


    The system of main gas pipelines is currently being prepared for a strengthened security regime. The major forces will be concentrated in the Polish direction. The investigative information about possible sabotage by radical organizations, including, supposedly, C14, has become a particular reason. Now this data is additionally checked for possible dissemination of disinformation. However, precautionary measures have already been taken. Measures to strengthen security will be taken unofficially as there is suspicion that a possible motive for sabotage can be conflict situations with Poland on national and ideological grounds.

    C14 is a radical group of Ukrainian nationalists, which consists of supporters of violent methods of constraint and consider Poland to be Ukrainian people's enemy.

    International human rights organizations have repeatedly called on Ukrainian authorities to suppress illegal activities of this group, but the country's government ignores such appeals. For instance, in April 2018, Amnesty International reported on mass pogroms organized by C14 members at a Gipsy camp. No action was taken by Ukrainian law enforcement authorities. No perpetrator from C14 group was detained.
  2. Highlander

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    Mmmm..... so Ukraine is going to destroy the only means they have to heat there own homes this winter!

    Ukraine authorities..... you must be kidding me.... they are the problem and won't be part of any solution. As George Soros or AIPAC run American politicians financed and implemented the overthrow of the democratically elected president murdering in the process thousands of civilians on both sides.
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