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  1. LeeT

    LeeT New Member

    Over the past 10 years veganism in the UK has increased by 350%, many citing a plant based diet as the most healthiest of diets due to the reduced intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. Others have pointed to the environment and animal welfare as the reason to go vegan.

    But I think many still regard veganism as a fad, what's your opinion? Will the world over time go vegan? Any arguments against?
  2. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    If i had to become Vegan i'd starve to death. Being a vegan is a choice. There is no right or wrong answer really. I doubt there will ever be a time when everyone will be vegen.

    I have no idea about why people become vegans, and who says a vegan diet is better than an omnivore one. And what is seen as healthy today will allegedly be bad for you tomorrow, then it will be good again the next day.
  3. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    There is one very strong and compelling argument against veganism, and vegetarianism for that matter.........

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  4. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    Change the brown sauce to red and your'e on.
  5. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    I have heard that some people prefer red sauce on their bacon butties, clearly this is a serious illness.
    Obviously they are to be pitied until a cure can be found for such a terrible ailment.
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  6. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

  7. OP

    LeeT New Member

    The WHO has classified processed meats as class 1 carcinogen. You could say that this is an argument for veganism.
  8. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Ooh not at all. Living longer without bacon just wouldnt be worth it.

    Anyway bacon is hardly 'processed'
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  9. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    Putting my bacon sandwich to one side and giving a serious answer, if we stopped eating everything that is allegedly bad for us, the food we have would be really limited and quite boring.

    At one time experts have said, coffee is bad, tea is bad, potatoes are bad, fat is bad, then they change their minds and say it's all right to eat/drink these things. They can't make up their minds.

    I will continue to eat the same things unless or until there is concrete proof that stuff like bacon is bad for me.....then i will cut down on the bacon sandwiches.
  10. Sonic Budgie

    Sonic Budgie Active Member

    There really is a huge amount more to this than the damage we may be doing to ourselves with the amount of meat we eat.
  11. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

    Baron Vlad Harkonenn Regular Member

    I'm getting there and ironically one of the only things I still eat meat wise is a bacon sarnie (with brown).

    I think we eat far too much meat and meat production as mentioned above, is terribly wasteful and bad for the environment. I remember stories about rainforests being cleared for cattle farming back in the 80's.

    Another question is, who will still eat it when it is grown in labs? Like slo-mo star trek replicators.
  12. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Member

    What, for you, would constitute concrete proof?
  13. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    At the moment, there are just to many experts who are contradicting each other to the extent that i am not inclined to take any notice of any of them.

    I am concerned about animal husbandry however.
  14. Bimble

    Bimble Guest

    My experience of knowing two people who chose a vegan lifestyle is that they didn't make the choice lightly as a "fad", but were persuaded by political and health arguments that it was better for the planet (intensive farming) and better for your health.

    One made the change quietly over a period of months, slowly adjusting their diet and politely refusing things they no longer wished to eat. The other let everyone know at every opportunity and made it all about themselves and what a good person they were being. When the novelty wore off, the second person reverted to meat eating. The first is still very much committed to being vegan and believes their choices make a difference when added to everyone else's.

    It is all about power of numbers. If everyone stopped using their cars and switched to cycling, industry, governments, business would all need to change to accommodate this. The same applies to intensive farming of animals for food. It will take massive numbers of ordinary people to make a change to have any real impact.

    Take a look at free range eggs and chickens on sale in supermarkets. The cheapness of eggs means that a lot of people have been able to shift to buying free range as a preference and you will find many more eggs on sale now that are free range. The chickens though are quite expensive compared with the battery farmed ones, several pounds more in some cases, which puts them out of reach of a lot of people's family budget so the change and impact has been less marked. I doubt there will ever be enough people going vegan to change this.
  15. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    You are right @Bimble. Free range eggs are cheap enough for everyone to buy nowadays, but the chickens are a riddiculous price. I kept chickens as i thought i could do my bit so to speak. The cost of feeding the chickens, the time spent looking after them, keeping them healthy, cleaning up after them and just spending some time with them made the eggs we got from them the most expensive eggs i have ever had.

    Living near a small market town try to buy locally produced meat products. However the cost is almost eye watering.
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