What's in your Drinks cabinet ?

Discussion in 'The Tearoom' started by pubrunner, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. pubrunner

    pubrunner Active Member

    I remember serving certain drinks years ago, that I rarely (if ever) see now; does anyone drink any of the following - either mixed or not ? :

    Sweet Martini
    Dry Martini
    Noilly Prat
    Cherry 'B'
    Creamline Stout
    Brown Ale
    Mild - on draught
    'Chinese' - bitter/lager mix
    'Whisky Mac'

    The most unusual drink that I ever served, was when a guy came up to the bar and asked for a 'Dog's Nose' - bitter, with a measure of gin on top. Some who ask for this, prefer to have stout or guinness in preference to beer, but whatever their choice, it is a drink which apparently dates back to early Victorian times.

    It seems to me, that folk no longer drink some of the tipples that were popular 30-40 years ago; what's in your drinks cabinet and what drinks do you remember from years ago, that you hardly see nowadays ?
  2. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Dry sherry for me.
    MrsJ likes a drop of voddy.
    Gin for guests.
    Drambuie because somebody gave me a bottle for Crimbo.
    I think there's some tins of beer out in the wash house left over from summer BBQ.
    If not - no biggie, they can have Gin.
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  3. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I was quite a big drinker years ago, but happily for my liver I lost interest in it.

    There's rarely any alcoholic drink in the house, although I do occasionally buy a four pack.

    It still amazes me I might still have a couple of tins left a week later.
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  4. OP

    pubrunner Active Member

    We sometimes have a few cans of cider or mackeson left over for cooking, though I'd only drink them if they are surplus to future requirements.
  5. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Ah, Makeson.

    My grandmother liked a toothful or two, and proving everything goes around in circles, she used to have a crate delivered now and again.

    We would share a bottle, my portion being topped up with milk - deemed to be good for a growing four-year-old.

    Some stouts are called 'milk stout', but I don't know what the connection is.
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  6. OP

    pubrunner Active Member

    So called, because lactose (from milk) is used in the brewing process; yeast can't process lactose, which means the finished brew is rather sweeter and has a bit more 'body' than other ales. Milk stout was also known as 'cream stout' and it was very popular with ladies over retirement age.
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  7. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Cheers - makes sense.

    My grandmother would have been in her late 70s/early 80s when we were sharing a glass.
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  8. Welsh dragon

    Welsh dragon Senior Member Staff Member

    Mr WD likes Southern Comfort. Me i don't drink. I have a very low tolerance level where alcohol is concerned so i tend to stay away from it. High days and holidays as they say for me.
  9. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Dubonnet and Noilly Prat seem to have almost disappeared from the French domestic market. Could they (and Martini, Cinzano etc) return if they caught on as 'fashionable'?

    I still miss a decent draught Mild - Sam Smith did a particularly good one. While I vaguely recall a branded Whisky Mac it was no substitute for the real thing; Crabbies not Stones.

    IIRC Malibu is still popular amongst female youngsters.
  10. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    Bought a bottle of Warninks Advocat today in Tesco. Taste of Christmases past is Warninks.
    Alcoholic custard.
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