Why is cycling sidelined as a means of viable transport.

Discussion in 'Motoring and Transport' started by classic33, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. classic33

    classic33 Senior Member

    We get moved off roads to allow for faster traffic flow. We are not slowing traffic down, we are traffic.
    There's little or no provision for safe parking of bikes/cycles at most places. Cars seem to have plenty provided.

    I've a council where the "Cycling Champion" hasn't been on a bike since she was a kid. The elected council members do not cycle. But take decisions based on their experience of cycling. When questioned as to how they were able to make these, they were unable to provide any answer.
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  2. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Cost I would imagine is the main answer. Although are we moved off roads anywhere? Sometimes there is a cycle lane option but I haven't come across any compulsion.
  3. OP

    classic33 Senior Member

    What's the cost in allowing cyclists on the roads. Most new builds(non housing) seem to come with a token effort for cyclists included as a "We're doing our bit for cycling" measure. What's the cost of painting all those bike boxes on the roads. Would you prefer the money be spent on painting such token gestures or actually keeping the roads upto scratch?

    Again locally, the council are looking to close three roads to cyclists, because they have deemed them to be unsafe. The alternate route is along a canal towpath that is closed in parts, possibly permantly.
  4. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    I have no answers for you there, no idea what the costs are, although I wouldn't say that they are all token gestures, I find many of them do make cycling easier and safer. Some of course are just a bit silly, unsafe and pointless.
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  5. Jezza

    Jezza Regular Member

    More cycle ways would be nice.
    All down to cost though. Cycling's seldom a priority when budgets are being haggled over in councils and at Westminster.
    They throw us the odd bale of hay now and again but there's no joined-up and sustainable plan for encouraging uptake and safer cycling.
  6. Baron Vlad Harkonenn

    Baron Vlad Harkonenn Regular Member

    I don't think it is being sidelined as money is being spent on it.

    The money spent though is unfortunately wasted as most cycling infrastructure is completely useless.

    Sadly there isn't a lot that can be done on this rather overcrowded island with its mainly old cities with their narrow streets.
  7. DarkMist

    DarkMist Guest

    Which council is this?
  8. OP

    classic33 Senior Member

    I think it is. Roads are being"improved" and cyclists are being removed from the roads to "allow for faster traffic movement". I am part of that traffic, legally using the roads.

    I'm not allowed, having been banned because I cycled there, from recycling. It was unsafe, even in hard had, steel toe capped boots and Hi-Vis. The cycle lanes locally aren't wide enough for me, so I stay out of them.

    @DarkMist, home to the longest climb in the UK(which is one of three roads the council wants to close to cyclists).
  9. Big Andy

    Big Andy Senior Member Staff Member

    Cragg Vale? Why on earth would they close that to cyclists?
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  10. OP

    classic33 Senior Member

    It and the two roads it connects have been deemed unsafe for cyclists, direct questions asked as to how these were arrived at received no answers. It will mean that any Western Link with Lancashire will be cut, for cyclists though.
  11. mr_cellophane

    mr_cellophane Regular Member

    How can they do that when there are parts with no paths by the side of the road ? Cyclists would have to walk up which would make it more unsafe unless they also banned pedestrians which would be a bit difficult for people when they get off the bus
  12. OP

    classic33 Senior Member

    The plan is to shut the road road to cyclists as it's "unsafe for use by cyclists". The bus stops pictured are opposite a house, and are fairly recent additions in their current location. There's going to be fewer buses on that stretch of road, with none that will travel the full length in either direction.

    The pollution from motor vehicles puts cyclists at a greater risk than those those in motor vehicles. In particular, the particles from the exhausts are a "major concern for cyclists". These last two points from a non cycling "cycling champion".

    The advisory cycle lanes shown at either side will be removed.
  13. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man


    Can you provide a link to the plans by the Council (presumably Calderdale) to shut the road road to cyclists as it's "unsafe for use by cyclists".?
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  14. mr_cellophane

    mr_cellophane Regular Member

    But I don't think you can just shut a road to pedestrians so won't all those pedestrians who now have to push their bikes up the hill cause more disruption to cars ?
  15. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    You can in theory shut it by use of the highway code 'No Pedestrians' sign, examples are Meir tunnel on the A50 and sections of the A45 Nene Valley Way round Northampton. But in practice that only works for tunnels and elevated bridges etc. Once there are residences and bus stops it's impossible.
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